Stretch IRA

The Senate’s RESA Is Even Worse News For The Stretch IRA

On today’s show, we’ll follow-up on an earlier conversation about the SECURE Act’s impact on the Stretch IRA and talk about how the Senate’s plan (RESA) spells even greater doom for IRA owners with large balances. If you have a lot saved in an IRA and might pass it to a non-spouse beneficiary one day, this conversation better be on your radar.

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How The SECURE Act Might Impact Your Financial Plan

Congress is in the middle of passing the SECURE Act (passed in the House, waiting on the Senate). The bill brings a lot of positive changes for those of us planning for retirement, but it also threatens the elimination of an important and well-used planning strategy, the Stretch IRA. Scott will break down this bill for us and talk about how it might impact our financial plans going forward.

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