stock market

Stock Seller’s Remorse

Do you have seller’s remorse? If you sell a stock and then regret it later, this might be you. We love talking about the behavioral side of finances and investing, and today’s show is all about that.

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The State of the Markets in 2022

Today’s show is a special edition. We recently held a webinar with other financial advisors to talk about the state of the markets in 2022. We’ll get you up to date on stock market volatility and provide some perspective on the economy.

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Inhale… Exhale… Pumping The Brakes On The Economy

Take a deep breath. Yes, the Coronavirus is scary and we know it’s causing a lot of you to worry. But on today’s show we try to put the crisis in historical perspective, share stories with about how other people like you are responding to situation, and look ahead to the future with a sense of hope, not doom. Give a listen as Scott analyzes the purposeful pumping of the brakes on the economy and where we go from here.

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