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5 Ways Taxes Can Rise & How to Protect Yourself

This topic of taxes is such an important one, especially when it comes to retirement, because the more you pay in taxes, the less income you’ll have to spend. By exploring the five ways taxes can rise, we can help prepare you for what might happen and then discuss the ways to protect yourself.

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Murky Issues That Make Retirement Planning Harder

Your Guide: On this episode of Your Retirement Elevated podcast with Scott Dougan, we’re sharing three potentially murky issues that can make retirement planning more difficult. Our discussion is based on a recent USA Today article. Takeaway #1: Murky – Americans are confused about how much income growth is needed to offset inflation A study showed just…

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9 Important Ages

The Bird’s Eye View: As you near retirement, there are several different ages to keep in mind, each of which represents an important landmark in retirement planning. Let’s discuss what those landmarks are, and why each of them is vital to consider and discuss with your financial advisor when planning for your retirement future. Your…

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