The State of the Markets in 2022

Today’s show is a special edition. We recently held a webinar with other financial advisors to talk about the state of the markets in 2022. We’ll get you up to date on stock market volatility and provide some perspective on the economy.

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Beware of the Three P’s: Panic, Politics and Performance Chasing

Today we’re talking about classic mistakes people make that can have long-term impacts on their retirement plan. Find out how to avoid the three P’s – panic, politics and performance chasing.

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This Is It. This Is The End Of Everything

A lot of folks believe that politics have a dynamic and tremendous impact on their personal financial situations. Specifically, they’ll often align their investment strategies with the prevailing political winds. But, as Scott tells us on today’s show, isn’t very wise. You’re making a big mistake if you mix investment decisions with politics and we’ll tell you why on this episode.

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