How Much is Your Money Bias Costing You?

On this episode, we’ll breakdown a CNBC article that analyzes a recent Morningstar study. The study found that most of us have at least one money bias, some of us more than one, and that those biases are very possibly costing us money in our checking, savings, investing and retirement accounts. Listen to see if you might be impacted by a specific money bias and for strategies to get it back under control.

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How Overconfidence Can Lead to Financial Destruction

Overconfidence in your financial life can sometimes lead to destruction. Find out if any of these examples apply to you and why you can’t put too much confidence in any of these planning areas.

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Common Investor Biases

When it comes to investing and planning for retirement, everyone is affected by a handful of different biases that influence how they make decisions. And oftentimes, these biases can get us into quite a bit of trouble if we’re not careful. So let’s learn how to spot these biases and gain an overall healthier financial mindset.

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