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What’s the Most Important Part of Retirement Planning?

Planning for retirement is relatively complex. There are a lot of different moving parts and factors to consider. Adjusting any of these variables can impact the end result. But is there one part of the retirement planning process that’s most important?

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5 Signs You’re In Good Financial Health

If retirement is on your mind, then listen up. Today’s show is a 5-part checklist that’ll help measure if you’re in good financial health and set yourself up for retirement success.

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The 5-Step Complete Planning Process

The Bird’s Eye View: Over the course of two decades, Scott has developed a comprehensive 5-step plan for retirement. Listen to today’s show to see if you have included these steps and why they are needed in a thorough retirement plan. 5-Step Planning Process Reference PDF Your Guide: Scott Dougan, RFC, Investment Advisor – Contact

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