Coach Rut’s Advice for a Healthy Retirement

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When planning for a successful retirement, you need think about your wealth as well as your health. On today’s podcast, Coach Rut shares advice for having a healthy retirement.


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If you want a happy, successful retirement, you should consider your wealth as well as your health. On this episode of Your Retirement Elevated podcast, we talk with Coach Rut about how to have a healthy retirement.

Michael Rutherford, aka “Coach Rut,” has more than a quarter century of fitness coaching experience and has worked with competitors from the ranks of international, Olympic, collegiate, high school, middle school and elementary school aged athletes. He has also worked in hospital wellness environments and rehabilitation clinics.

On today’s podcast, Coach Rut explains how to make emotion-free, fact-based decisions about your health and what motivates people to become healthier.

“Fear is not necessarily a great motivator,” he said. “People are more inclined to change for performance. They’re more inclined to change for vanity.”

People often spend the first half of their lives chasing money and success and the second half chasing health and trying to get it back. Coach Rut shares the most important first step you can take to get healthier, and it doesn’t involve diet or exercise.

He also talks about compound consistency, key habits of healthy people and how to stay healthy in retirement. The main challenge is prioritizing and organizing your newfound interest in getting healthier.

“We’re an immediate gratification society,” said Coach Rut. “People with a long-range view can be more successful.”

Check out Coach Rut’s website to learn more about him and his services. Feel free to connect with him on social media on Twitter and Facebook. 

[1:00] – Special guest Coach Rut

[3:42] – Health and wealth

[6:30] – Emotion free, fact-based decisions

[10:40] – Compound consistency

[13:48] – Second half of life

[16:30] – Advice to get on healthier path

[21:30] – Assess where you are

[24:20] – Key habits of people who focus on fitness

[30:50] – Sleep apnea

[34:03] – Staying healthy in retirement

[36:09] – Being busy is a choice

[39:39] – Coach Rut on social media

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