Why is the Market Going Down?

The stock market has been on the decline. But is this normal, or is this time different? How should we handle the drop? We’ll share what advice we give clients and how you can handle the ups and downs with confidence.
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Watching the stock market tumble can be tough to handle, but don’t despair. On this episode of Your Retirement Elevated podcast with Scott Dougan, we’ll explain how you can handle the drop.

Despite an overall healthy economy, people are wondering why is the market’s outlook telling a different story? The volatility we’re seeing comes down to a multitude of factors. Understanding those can help you gain more clarity on how they impact your retirement portfolio.

The stock market primarily focuses on corporate earnings and interest rates. Interest rates are moving up fast. What we’re seeing with the stock market now is that the volatility comes at us quicker, and it responds and bumps back quicker.

When we meet with clients, we talk about the market and what’s going on, but we mainly focus on their goals and objectives and put a plan in action to give them the highest probability of success.

We also tell clients that it’s not a matter of if, but when, the market will make the next correction. Last year was pretty robust in the stock market, and this year has been tougher.

Some of our clients are ultra-conservative investors and aren’t impacted much by the stock market. Other clients are all market-based and take more risks. Our job as advisors is to build plans that let you sleep well at night whether you’re ultra-conservative, ultra-aggressive or somewhere in the middle.

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[2:00] Why is the market going down?

[5:36 ] Volatility is quicker

[9:02] Upward trend

[11:59] Final thoughts

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