What Are You Going To Retire To?

What are you going to retire to? This topic has come up a lot lately, so we wanted to address it in today’s podcast.

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What are you going to retire to? This topic has come up a lot lately, so we wanted to address it in today’s podcast.


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On this episode of Your Retirement Elevated podcast with Scott Dougan, we’re talking about a question that has come up a lot lately: What are you going to retire to?

Everyone can quickly name what they’re retiring from, such as early wake up times, driving to work, etc. – that’s the easy part. You know what you want to move away from, but where are you going?

People often ask us, can we financially retire? That’s part of what financial planning is, but people often don’t think about what they’re going to do with the approximate 2,500 hours they’re getting back each year by not going to work.

Some people are going to coast right into retirement and be just fine. Maybe they have hobbies or want to volunteer, work part time or travel. But sometimes people get surprised by is the lack of structure that a job provides.

Most clients are retiring on their terms. But with the pandemic, there have been some out-of-left-field or forced retirements. Some people have been retiring earlier. The largest exodus we’ve seen has been in the medical field.

There have been some silver linings from the pandemic, though. Some people got to experience trial retirements by not going to work or not interacting with coworkers as much.

Listen to the full episode or use the timestamps below to find specific segments.

1:36 – What you are going to retire to?

6:17 – Struggling with retirement

10:06 – Silver linings

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