As Business Expands, Show Clients They Still Matter

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Scott Dougan got a wake-up call when he found out his business advisor was taking on more clients. Would the advisor be too busy to talk with him now? How would it affect their relationship? The experience made Scott think about his own clients and how his business expansion makes them feel. Find out what he learned and how he applies that to his business relationships now.


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Imagine you have a trusted advisor helping you make important financial and business decisions. Suddenly, that adviser wants to take on more clients and asks you to recommend them to others. You want to help them but worry you won’t get as much one-on-one attention as their business expands.

On this episode of Your Retirement Elevated Podcast, Scott Dougan talks about going through that experience with his adviser and how it caused him to have an epiphany about his own business.

“I was selfish … My first concern was, ‘Are you still going to be available to me?” Scott remembers asking his adviser. “I said, ‘This must be how our clients feel when we talk about us growing our practice.’”

Scott says the experience has changed how he handles client relationships while building his business. Hear his full story in the podcast or use the timestamps below to learn more.

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[2:00] Scott shares how adviser has helped him

[4:13] Scott finds out his adviser wants to expand and help others

[7:53] How business expansion can affect clients

[11:12] Scott discusses business growth

[12:04] Relationships are sacred

[14:02] Job No. 1 is taking care of clients.


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