4 Financial Questions We Get Asked All the Time

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There are four financial questions we get asked all the time. So today, we’re sharing what they are and how we answer them.


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On this episode of Your Retirement Elevated podcast with Scott Dougan, we’re sharing the four most common financial questions we get and how we answer them.

When can I retire?

In today’s world, that date is really up to you. You’ve got to be prepared. In decades past, you work, you punch the clock, you retire and you get a pension.

That changed in the 1970s when 401ks and IRAs became more popular than pensions. It shifted the responsibility to us and not our employer.

Do I have enough?

You need to figure out how much money you need to retire. What lifestyle do you want to live in retirement? That will determine if you have enough or not.

You also need to take into account how long you need your money to last. No one knows how long they’ll live, so that’s a big unknown, and that gives some people anxiety.

Good financial planning will help you run scenarios and figure out your goals.

Will my money last as long as I do?

If we live a long life, will our money last? Will we be taken care of? You want to have independence and not be a burden on loved ones.

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[3:45] – When can I retire?

[5:55] – Do I have enough?

[7:41] – Will my money last as long as I do?

[8:34] – Will I be OK?

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